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Being Cheated on by a guy (Francesca Osei)

Cheating can be interpreted in many ways, it’s not only when a guy you dating sleeps with another girl, cheating can also be when a guy lies to you.

Regardless whether you loved the guy or not being cheated on is not the best feeling in the world, it’s even worse when you love the guy.

The instant you find out, it feels like you have been sucker punched and the blood in your whole body has been drained.

No matter how you find out, whether the guy told you the truth or you caught him red handed it still makes no difference because one way or the other you will still be the one feeling like shit.

The aftermath of it all is probably the worst phase, the tears, the starvation, the sleepless night, the questions you ask yourself

“Was I not good enough for him?”

” What did he want that I couldn’t give him?”, the self harm.

Indeed they say women are very emotional but when you have been through all this then you know how strong you are and you feel like you can conquer anything and everything.

It takes faith in God to be able to come back from such betrayal, it changes your whole perspective about relationships either it being friendship or love.

{Being cheated on by the girl of your dreams-Pimpkingstein}

Our love was like cherries dangling on the tree of eternity.

Many thought a man could never love this deep and still be sane.

Our love was like rosary bound around our necks proclaiming a sinful sanctity.

BUT When a woman has an affair no one ever finds out.

She plays her cards right and leaves him in short sight.

Her sweet words and fake moans expand and excite his ego

When a woman has an affair she puts up a beautiful front like a logo.

She locks herself in a cell of secrecy and keeps you from seeing the light.

Her charade of perpetual adoration fuels the love of her man.

When a woman has an affair its reason is far beyond lust and sinful passion.