Fairy Tale Of Love

This a poem written by a friend,David Quaye, really nice poem hope yall can relate to it as I did…..thanks

A picture is worth a thousand words but a word I know is worth a thousand pictures

It begins with an l and ends with an E

Some have it for sale but the best is free

It’s what you are made of inside out

It’s what you show me without a doubt

So close your eyes and count to three

Hold on to faith, don’t let it flee

Make a wish, better still say a prayer

Ask God for a friend and I’ll b there

To your wishes, a genie

To your dreams, a fairy

Like a prince to your rescue I’ll never fail

You are the princess in all my fairytales

Jack and jill went up the hill

Hansel and Gretel will go home still

Mirror Mirror on the wall says Your are the fairest maiden of them all

So lay your hair down the tall castle

Yaa Asantewaa my valentine rapunzel



  1. RoisKid · November 6, 2012

    I like this one

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