The Soup

The moment Mum stepped out of the kitchen I knew this was my chance.

I quietly motioned, to the stove where she had placed the pot of soup, like a zombie in a trance.

The aroma of the soup had enticed me all noon and all I needed was a glance

Yes! just a look at how the meat danced to the steamy boiling tune made by the red sea, made me wanna join in her dance.

I licked my lips with inert desire to be the first to taste this delicacy

As I stood there in that moment of indecision, I remembered what Leroy said about cat meat being the best tasting meat with its juice tasting like sweet wine

Oya! I let go of all morals and standards I had been taught and dipped my ladle deep into this sea of sweet flesh

I soon hit the head and started to fetch it out but I thought ” the cat has only one head so mum will definitely want to know who took the head ”

So I let it go and slowly pulled my ladle out then dipped it deeper than before

This time I didn’t hold back I gave it my all and soon my ladle got hold of some flesh so I pulled it out

As the meat sat on my ladle with the soup dripping off it like a cat that had been made wet by a rain shower

I wished the moment would last(lust) forever but it seemed to want to cum home

Before I could say jack I had it in my mouth tasting its juices and enjoying every bit of it

POW!! Mum dashed in the kitchen and the sight of her scared the naughtiness out of me

I swallowed the meat in one gulp and stood there with the best innocent face I could make

She looked into my eyes with so much intensity it got me nervous

So at this point the meat wasn’t the one dripping off wet but me. My shirt was wet with sweat like a footballers jersey

I was full of remorse and like a walkman bible verses began to play in my head.

I remembered the ten commandments and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Then it dawned to how I had wallowed in sin and like a pig taken delight in dirt

I had rejected God’s true love and taken up to self gratification losing focus of what’s more important

PS: Life is too short to be stealing cat meat šŸ™‚


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