Sexual Disorder

{Sexual disorder as written by Phoebe Ayeley }

Sex binds!

Yes I will put it out there like that because it is true. Sex binds spiritually and physically. You don’t believe? Let us look at this:

It is harder for a lady to leave a relationship when she has slept with the man, especially when he is her first. No matter how bad things are, she still has her hopes up because he has her ‘pride’.

The way a lady sees her man is influenced by how he treats her in bed. If he makes sure she is satisfied before he is, she admires him and respects him for that. Thus it strengthens the affection she has for him.

Though some of us young folks see sex before marriage as ‘testing the waters’, I think the fear of sexual disorder can be dealt with differently. Probably talk about it during the time before marriage, so you know what to expect.

Moreover, there is more to marriage than sex.
I believe God wants the best for us when He tells us not to have sex before marriage because it protects us from getting hurt. Because at our ages, we are still young and indecisive. Our minds change regarding what we wanna become in future, what our interests are etc. Yes, we evolve.

There is no need to rush. 
It is the prerogative of every individual to decide what they want, how they want their sexual life is supposed to be

{ Sexual Disorder as written by Arnold Adrian }

Sex blinds!

I’ll admit that because after the act all you see is her gracious curves and how soft her bosom feels.

You lose focus of what really matters-personality and character , because she drives your senses crazy, you call her daisy and feel she’s amazing.

Some even confuse this with love but get it right great sex is not true love. True love is what happens before and after sex.

Do you still stay up all night just talking to each other or you stay up all night exploring each other’s bodies ??

Do you still wake up each day thinking of how wonderful she is as a person or you day dream of making love to her in different ways ??

Did your love for her grow after sex or did you just find her more entertaining after sex ??

Sex is too complicated to be summed up into a one night stand.



  1. Von Keys · November 15, 2012

    Well observed n written cutie! Insightful

  2. feliciano · November 15, 2012

    An eye opener,this topic should be watered down further by you guys,more grease to your elbows though.A step in the right direction.

    • pimpkingstein · November 16, 2012

      @Felix thanks a lot bro will see if I can visit this topic again sometime soon 😉

    • feliciano · November 19, 2012


  3. Millicent · April 25, 2015

    Touch down to the point. Nice

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