Till September

This is a poem originally written by Offeibea Asante  but i decided to have a go at it too….hope you enjoy your read 😉 




I’ll be around till September

Till we see the fall of the leaves

And the sky hearalds

The crossing of the geese.


Till September,

When I can wait no more,

Then, when i tire of waiting

At your door.


Till September, I’ll stay 

Till my love goes away

I’ll be around till September

Until then,

Let it be May


Till September as written by Arnold Adrian

Let the passing breeze

Carry away our flaws like wilted leaves

Gone is the time when I sought for love

As a sailor journeys across the seven seas

Love  is the nail that pierced through the flesh of a 33 year old Jew.


With tools of iron,men open up the belly of  mother earth

Prayer to the Heavens for their works’ true worth

Till September,

She shall be like an expectant mother and nurture the seeds in her womb.


Till September, when the crescent moon shows her face

We shall bow to the heavens

For Love is a man-flesh and blood,crucified.


Till September, when again I see Adliz in the night skies

I’ll be around till then

A fairy tale of love

May this be.



  1. Lynn · February 5, 2013

    wow….i loved it! Its very interesting and involving as it somehow appeals to the senses of the reader! Good Job…keep it up…’

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