The Rite : Momories Son Para Siempre

As the morning clouds kissed the mountain top

We awoke to the beauty of the morning dew

The calm, The serenity , The glorious array of the green canopy

We arose to the beauty of the mountain view.

Their love was new but the rite was crude.

The smiles, The cheers and the vacant stares

Ushering a man into a new hierarchy

Agoo ! Agoo !! Agoo !!

The women hailed, announcing our presence

Like a worker bee, he had journeyed the distance

In search of goodness,in search of sweetness following her fragrance

The mountain like the flower stalk towered mightly above him but he conquered it with perseverance

At her gates, he faced the petals that challenged his patience

He broke through her defences with puissance

And drew her out from the belly of the flower encompassing her with his essence

The complexities of fusion now made sense

Genesis 2:24