Opposites Attract

As I boarded the rickety bus with sweat dripping down my neck, the back pocket of my shorts got hooked to the rusty edge of the seat and got ripped off.
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In Her Eyes

Like rain drops trickling down tinted lenses.

Memories of their love raced her mind,

The passionate kisses and caresses.

Truth is but a wind

Sweeping away the grim mask of deception

Like rain drops trickling down tinted lenses

Her tears may have blurred her sight

But now her vision was clear.

She saw love as a facade

Like rain drops trickling down tinted lenses

She had awakened to her senses.

All she could mumble were half sentences

As her man kissed another.

In her eyes,he was more than  brother

He was her bestfriend : a solider

The horror she witnessed tore her soul apart

As the rain ceased ,she now saw through the tint


Misunderstood by Delynx

I looked to the west but everyone turned their backs.

East, but away they went with their sacks.

North, but they said no regardless of all their lacks.

South, but only to find from the departure- cracks.

Now, am left in the middle.

One with who even a child wont meddle.

Even i shared free soup wit a giant laddle.

They’d rather starve with donkeys full of utensils saddle.

Am just misunderstood.

Even from the past whence i stood.

With a mind never crude.

Yet they still miscontrude

♏isunderstood by Arnold Adrian

Misunderstood like the theory of relativity

The puzzling art of creativity

My words forever misconstrued

My actions forever confused

Misunderstood like a painting by Da Vinci

Their misguided thoughts overflow ike negative Chi

And their piercing gaze sets the stage for enmity

Is life but a press of labels ??

Are our actions forever to be magnified by societal lens?