Opposites Attract

As I boarded the rickety bus with sweat dripping down my neck, the back pocket of my shorts got hooked to the rusty edge of the seat and got ripped off.

My Monday morning seemed to be going bad as I was late for school and the teacher on duty was the infamous Mr Odai ; noted for lashing late comers at the entrance of the school, so I knew I was in for a very stressful morning and just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse two fat market women came to join  me in the back seat of the trotro.

As the two squeezed me in the back, I just sat there thinking of the lashes  that awaited me in school but the dreadful body odour emanating from the two just brought me back to reality.

I was a pupil in a poor government school where most of the students were dropouts due to teenage pregnancy or just because their parents couldn’t afford the fees and as I approached junior secondary. I knew I would have to impress my parents with my end of term results or I would end up like William ; my senior brother who got enlisted into the local soccer academy after primary because his grades were not good.

As the trotro approached Brigade, I began to see the hawkers and immediately I knew there was traffic ahead. In the midst of this Orchestra of noisy horns, loud car stereos and my sweaty market women I beheld a sight so pleasing to my senses.

She had her back turned to me all this while but I knew she would be a true beauty, as she turned around her eyes caught mine and in a brief moment we were locked in temporary bliss.

Watching her seemed to help me forget all the things that were going wrong that morning, all I could think of was getting the privilege to sit next to  her.

I knew she was out of my league from the very first glance because of her private school uniform and the luxurious car she sat in .

To my surprise, she seemed to had taken interest in me and smiled back so I decided to take a risk by asking her name but as soon as I was about to let the words out of my mouth she burst out in laughter. Her laughter brought me back to reality and it all made sense,  she stared at me because she was amazed  at how the two fat market women had squeezed me against the car window .

Realising this made me burst out in laughter too, she had brought a little joy to my morning and soon the cars began to move and that was the last I saw her pretty face.



  1. bengad · October 1, 2013

    Nyc 1 der pimp,”Boys abr3”

  2. popsiclev · January 22, 2015

    have you tried searching for her on facebook?

    • pimpkingstein · January 23, 2015

      Heheheh I don’t even know her name Bro… Sucks for me

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