Today being Christmas day and all I decided that the best gift I can give to readers of my blog is a peek into my childhood or the stuff I did before turning 18. This is the first in the series of stories.

My very first adventure began when Dad brought a big box home and told  everyone not to touch but as little as I was, my curios mind wouldn’t let me be.

It was some few days to Christmas and I knew whatever the box contained, it would have to very sweet/special for my Dad to refuse us. I still remember my childish mind scheming on how to open the box the next day.

Anxiety boiled within me as I watched my Dad head to work and Mum soon followed, it was now left with me and Bernard. I knew it was time to make my move so I run into the room and to my amusement Bernard had already opened the box and was sipping on the liquid in the bottle. 

In my naive mind, this bottle contained what would probably be coconut juice and as I had caught Bernard, he decided to give me a sip of the drink.

I can still remember the sweet smell of strawberry as Bernard opened the bottle and as he poured it’s content into the bottle cap, my tongue kept fantasising about the different tastes this drink could have.

I quickly took a sip of this transparent liquid and even though it burnt my tongue it was still a pleasant experience. I took another sip and then gulped down what was left in the bottle cap.

I quickly checked the label to see what this pleasantly hot drink was and saw the inscription ” Cardinal Liqueur”. I didn’t know how to feel  because of the stories I had heard about alcohol but since my brother was there with me I knew it couldn’t be that bad.



  1. Maame Akua · December 25, 2013

    Nice piece it’s funny n brings back memories of d naive childhood days

    • pimpkingstein · December 25, 2013

      Thanks Maame expect more stories and merry Christmas

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