The Slave

{ The Slave as written by David Quaye}

a slave to broken hearts
a slave to false kisses
a slave to make up sex
a slave to empty promises.

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Cookies & Rookies II

{Cookies and Rookies 2 as written by Francesca Osei }


When you trust, you do not have any doubts.

Trust is a fundamental quality to have in every relationship.

When trust is broken it causes soo much agony and pain.

It might take someone a very long time to trust again because they can’t even trust themselves any longer to make the right decisions. ¬†
Breaking someone’s trust is literally like damaging that individual.

Do not trust quickly.

Trust is earned and not just given.
Becareful in also choosing who to trust and who not to trust because that one crucial decision might make or break you.

{Cookies and Rookies 2 as written by Arnold Adrian}

As this chapter ends,

It all begins to make sense.

The countless hearsay and gossip from so called friends.

I just sat on the fence,

Hoping all the truth would turn lies.
Blinded by love and deafened by trust

I couldn’t perceive the truth of your nature.

The hidden texts and whatsapp chats were all trials to your lust.

Trust ! !

I’ll never forget the past.

I’ll never forget how you promised to make this last.

It’s a pity how our love waned so fast.

A lack of it and her love will seep out like dust,

Too much of it and you crash.

Guess trust is indeed cursed.

Jeremiah 17 : 5