The Slave

{ The Slave as written by David Quaye}

a slave to broken hearts
a slave to false kisses
a slave to make up sex
a slave to empty promises.

Who  am  I ?

I’m the one who wished love never existed

The one who hate never resisted

Twelve  times my heart has been broken

Forgive  me if i rain on you a dozen of these verses

But  a mind and a pen is now all i am made of

I’m the flower whose nectar drained off.

Twelve  times my heart has been broken

Forgive  me- they said to count only your blessings.

I never lose count, i just have a habit of numbering my curses.

{ The Slave as written by Arnold Adrian} 

A slave,

Sold to my very own flesh
Am a slave of the worst kind.
Unable to control the beast within, I give in  to the thirst.
Am a man gone blind

Who am I?

Am a prisoner of a war,

An innocent bystander caught in the cross fire between parents.

I’ve worked perpetually in this field of vain desires. 

The hot whips of my past scar my soul.

Hopeless, faithless and everything-less all I am is a blank.

Open to all manipulation and control.

A puppet without a stage

I was tossed about between different masters. 

My first master was Prevarication

He would punish us without provocation.

Constantly I would give in to lies,

It became a nasty habit.

Lying about everything, even the nothings.

I was then sold to another so cruel and heartless.

A slave to the bottle.

Drowning myself till reality was far from sight

Shackled by strong cravings for liquor,

I was a man without will.

Again I was given up to another,

She  was a cunning one.

At first, she seemed to help me escape the harsh realities of my past.

I even thought she loved me but I realised it was all lust.

She became my addiction

I hated her but I ravished in her orgasm.

A slave to the flesh.

Who am I??

A broken spirit
A shattered heart
A vain soul
A slave with nothing to inherit.



One comment

  1. Maame Akua · February 10, 2014

    Love love it!
    It’s a fantastic piece

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