This piece is written by my very best friend Maame Kumi and well I loved it instantly so I’ve decided to share it with all of you. Hope you relate to it like how I did

The reality is am single and its fun to be. You do all you want and all you get to think of  is yourself, you have no one to answer your actions to, but it gets lonely sometimes. You don’t get to share a lot. you know your friends are there for you but there is just a void. I try to segment my life, I have a friend who deals with my emotional issues. That way am safe, I don’t get hurt in anyway. I discuss my issues and get a non- bias honest opinion.

So I meet this young man someway somehow, and he’s just the male version of me. He thinks like me, acts like me, says things I would say. It was good because he gets me. Really gets me, we share the same opinion, when we don’t we argue out issues and come to a compromise.Here is the scary thing about dating for me.I believe in karma, whatever you do in life comes right back at you in full swing, my fear is ill fuck around and fall in love and get hurt. when I think of getting hurt I think about the ultimate level of getting hurt. I know when I  get emotional I cant handle a lot of issues. So I don’t mix emotions with sex, I do you I don’t get emotional.

But this is getting complicated, am getting really attracted to him, he’s the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up, I want to know how his day went, I want to tell him about my day, I want to listen to his problems and share my opinions. We have amazing sex, we make a good couple, I really like him but am scared of falling in love with him.

Love is a  nice thing but the last time I gave my all to someone it didn’t end well. We started from nothing, went through thick and thin. When everything went well and he started making good money, I wasn’t good enough anymore because he was shy to be seen  with an undergrad as a girlfriend. Being broken hearted left me in the hospital for 5 days.

LESSON LEARNT. But life is full of lessons. My friends think am emotionless, its not so. I have segmented my life, I have my sex life, my emotional life and my personal life. I try not interlink all of them but this guy makes me wanna share and give him everything I have. We are good, I want to take the chance but I don’t think I  can laugh at my pain.



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