The Hourglass

{ The Hourglass as written by Viva Obeezy }

Life is a struggle
A centre stage for those who oppress and those who are oppressed

A force of push and pull
A mentality of victory or defeat
As seasons come and go
A new dawn awakens
Time is just an illusion
What we desire most yet waste worst
You can have it all but not all at once
Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is yet to to show itself
Today is here with us
Why die for nothing
When you can live for something

{ The Hourglass as written by Arnold Adrian }

Life is but a lucid dream
A footprint washed downstream
Everything is temporal.

Time is but an elaborate weave
A sweet deception
Like the serpent and Eve
Everything is a perception.

All we have of yesterday are memories.
Stories of a coming aeon
Uncertain of our fate
We are locked in a complex waltz with time
We live to let go
We love to grow
Till the awakening of our soul
Life is NOW!



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