The Bicycle Tire & The Toothbrush

{ Letter from the bicycle Tire to the Toothbrush by Arnold Adrian }

They told me I am meant for the road.

That the fast lane  is my home.

They said I would break your bone.

That I would wear your tender bristles out.

They said we can’t be together , for we belong in two different worlds

That you are weak on the inside

But if they say what they see,

Then why don’t they see what I see.

Why don’t they see how perfectly you fit into my rough edges.

Why don’t they see that fate brought us together.

Why don’t they see that you are  the ying to my yang

That our differences maybe grand

BUT our love is colossal

And as I roll on the coarse road

I’ll be collecting pollen dust for you

I’ll conquer the Hill Road again and come for you

So close your eyes and meet me Tomorrow 

For this is not goodbye

{ Letter from the Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire by Krystelle Markin }

I awoke to the  cold floor

The sight of you was no more.

Where are you my love?

Why are you gone?

They say you are meant for the road…

I say you are the bone of my bone.

I miss you Cheri, I would have wished to conquer with you that Hill.

You taught me hard was soft

You said old was new

That In the mist of my loneliness & sorrow

Unto your love my heart holds.

I’ll wait for you baby…even if its for eternity.




  1. Millicent · April 25, 2015

    I love the part of the ying and the yang. On point

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