The Forbidden Fruit (Short Story)

As I stood at my balcony, watching the guys down below chanting profanity and sweating it out in front of the hall. I remembered how I had always been disgusted by the sight of men getting sweaty and then exposing their body parts all in the name of “charging”.

My dad had warned me about the bad company on campus, naming specifically the infamous traditional council . This advice he resounded even after my first semester in Unity Hall but I was used to his long talks.

Life as a Pastor´s son came with many privileges as well as restrictions and being away from them did not take off the pressure to uphold the good family name as my parents called randomly each day to check up on me.

Tonight however, I felt an ounce of naughtiness and wanted to go down to the “always around” and burst out in vanity, knowing my mum had called earlier that night. As if possessed, I ran down without a shirt on and joined the guys.

They had just started so the tunes being sang were their profane gospel renditions, since I knew most of the tunes I joined in quickly but initially I wasn’t being profane till I got lost in the excitement and then it just kept coming like a downpour.

The drumming, the sweat and the joy on their faces brought another side of me I had not yet discovered. Everything that disgusted me now just pleased me to the core; I was wallowing in profanity and sipping on the juice of nudity.  As soon as the infamous “ bei wo to “ song began I just let go of all my morals, beliefs and pride, letting go of my clothes I stripped totally naked and to my surprise the guys circled round me and started doing same. That night, I felt dreamy and excited, a strange mixture of emotions as though I was high off a drug.

When the sweet rhythm of the drums died off and everyone began to disperse, a sense of awareness hit me and I quickly put on my clothes and ran to my room. The expression on my roommate’s face said it all, there was disgust and disappointment written all over his face but I cared less because I had the time of my life down there and for once I was being true to myself and not trying to please anyone.

Monday came with the usual stress and pressure and I was ridiculously late to class but I still decided to get a snack first. At the snack stand, I met my crush; who seemingly smiled at me with glee, on a normal day I would have shyly looked away but a feeling came upon me, that familiar ounce of naughtiness, I let go of my timid nature with every step I took towards her.

Strangely she seemed to walk towards me so I stopped half way and winked at her but her smile suddenly got wiped off her and face and was replaced by a look of bewilderment. Like a thunder bolt, reality hit me and I turned round to realize that she had been smiling at a friend who was standing next to me all this while. I started having second thoughts but that ounce of courage was still there so I motioned to her and that was how I grabbed in first year.




  1. Alby Cady · December 7, 2014

    u really did that dance??

    • pimpkingstein · December 7, 2014

      @Alby hehe I never did any of it. It’s all fiction. Glad I was able to make it believable

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