Letting Go

{ Letting Go by Arnold Adrian }

Her eyes teared up.

September always marked the Genesis  of her pain.

He was going to school again

The tale of a distance relationship.

A buffet of I love yous and goodbyes.

²Sand grains rain down on the casket

Another beloved taken away.

Gone too soon or a call to glory

The pain is still same.

³ When observed carefully

Both scenarios are One.

The departure and passing on of a loved one

How come we celebrate birth and growing old?

Yet we mourn the passing of the soul.

Isn’t death the start of another life?

Isn’t death the liberation of the soul from the body?

And as the tears roll, she mutters

See you again my love…

{ Letting Go by Naa Dromo }

See you soon, when ever that would be

She never really imagined a life without him..

She never once stopped to think about how her life would be if she had to live it without him

Because to her, their lives were entwined together.. he loved her… oh God! he loved her more than she could ever love herself.

And she knew it, which made her love him even more…

she just couldn’t believe she’d never see him again..

that was what made her heart ache…

it ached so bad she almost couldn’t breathe..

How’s she expected to cope?

How’s she expected to even make it a day without him?

She closes her eyes and all she could see was his face… oh, how she misses him..

Not seeing that face again, that smile.. the way it lights up her entire world…..

The sound of his voice, his laughter… and even the way his brow furrows  when he’s angry…

She’s never going to see it again, she’s never going to see him again….

And all she had left were the photographs and the memories…

Oh! the memories.. she opened her eyes to block out all the images that were running in her head..

It all seemed so surreal and it felt like a bad dream she’d wake up from anytime soon..

Except, this is not some bad dream, she thought….

This is as real as it gets


He’s really gone..



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