Bright lights & loud music,

She gets on stage and starts to twerk.

Dancing to the rhythm.

This is what she does for work.

She’s got bills to pay,

A daughter to feed

And Her man’s away.

She never loved to read,

So she dropped out, after she conceived.

It all started out as a hobby.

Now she’s lost in another hotel lobby

Shaking the silver beads off her waist,

She gets off the stage.

² Rain drops trickle down the roof top

The rainstorm won’t stop their plans tonight

It’s an hour past midnight,

Time to rob.

They bang hard on the gates and break in

Gunshots fired, they are now in

Adrenaline rushes through their veins.

They get the money and rape the wife,

Then off they go!

³ The bounty has been dispersed

So he goes to the club and watches her twerk.

The life of a misfit.

He always wanted to be a  soldier,

Now he’s the leader of a robbery gang.

And as He watches her get off the stage

Those silver beads are still on his mind.

⁴ Rewind!

Back in high school, they were lovers.

Skipping class and taking drugs

They hated the system.

Then the conception

But she didn’t want an abortion

So he fathered the child,

When he was orphaned.


He’s back at the club staring at his baby mama work.

He can’t wait to give her the money so she quits her job.

The cops rush in,

Guns pointed at him

” Hands up! Rakim!! ”

He bows his head and raises his hands.


To be a man.


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