Au Revoir

It’s almost dawn and his eyes are still wide open

The stars’ charm have wasted again.

The night only produced more darkness

The dilemma has kept him up for days

He’s always wanted the best for her

He has always been the best for her

And now this?!

” Life is so unfair “, he mutters

But he knows, his inactions brought this upon himself.

² He still recalls that birthday party

They were both intoxicated

High off the euphoria.

They made love at the beach.

Nothing seemed wrong at that moment

The cold breeze blowing her weave and strands of it occasionally teasing his face

She moaned out loud, as he journeyed deep inside her.

He should have used protection

But when alcohol and teenage love meet

There is no thought nor consideration.

There’s only pleasure or pain beyond measure

³ It’s been a month since then

30 long days trapped inside his own little den

And here he lays with his head staring blank at the ceiling

Hoping for a miracle, hoping that all will be well in the morning

But its already morning. He’s hoping for something that can never be

The bleeding gets worse.

He had given her the pills two nights before

Thinking it would  be over soon

But the bleeding just wouldn’t stop

And she just couldn’t keep from crying and cursing at him for putting her through so much pain

So on the morning of the third day when he woke up to silence, he thought it was finally over

Like when a baby stops crying you know it has what it wants

Then he pinched her but she wouldn’t barge

Her face looked so pale

Her body became so cold

He shot out of bed and stood beside her lifeless body

Just staring, thinking and praying

⁴ His carpet was now soaked up with her blood

He knew he was going to prison if he called the ambulance

So in that dark and lost state

He took the rest of the pills

Gulped the whole down

And penned down a note:

” Goodbye Mom, sorry I let you down… ”

Then his eyes shut

Au revoir

To be a man



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