Black Shade

{ Black Shade as written by Arnold Adrian }

Here’s my new year’s eve selfie

A thousand words aimed at myself

A flashback on the memories of old

” don’t ask questions child, do as you told ”

So I lived in their shadows

A black widow 

Perched on a weeping willow

²Living life like Fela’s zombie

I lived never knowing what life could be or should be

Living without a plan B

Till I fell asleep and dreamt of 1919

The year I lived

The year of the sheep

And as History repeats itself

I wake from sleep.

{Black Shade as written by Code ADH }

What are the chances? I  ask

Who knows the rules of life?

All anyone can ever do is tell you

What to do to live but never how.

If only there was a manual that taught us how.

The kind that won’t lead us into making the many mistakes we make.

²Is this what is called life? I ask

Or there is something more to it ?

How come there is more hurt than happines

Well, atleast that is how it is in my life

I try to find meaning for everything

I resort to trying different means

Alcohol, lots of sex and weed are only so good when handy

I live a life where am only certain of one thing

The inevitable curtain drop

That one word that almost everyone fears

Is this our reason for living?

So we just die?

Or is life a big lantern where we are

It’s black shade.




  1. desaha · January 1, 2015

    Insightful, great piece

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