Insatiable Hunger

Here’s a wonderful poem by a couple I admire so much…hope y’all enjoy it

What is this I feel?

It feels like a hunger but yet no
amount of food is enough to do
away wit it.

Or is this how it feels when you
miss that person?

Many nights I hug my pillow cause
the loneliness is killing me.

Reminiscing & savouring on our
passionate moments.

Wat is this so strong that I can’t
hold back or is it the weakness in

In this weakness I see strength.

Transcending strength that is not
satisfied by the relationship between my hand and Vaseline.

I can feel my heart beat, but the tune is like none I’ve ever heard.

The consciousness of our hearts
complements our growing desire.

To deny it, is to be lost in the
oblivion, never to be awakened.

The world is ours to take, our hearts is ours to share in oneness.

Yes, I yearn for the feel of a softer

That beautiful smell of the other

The joint of oneness without

Thrust into me to feel your strength, my heart is engulfed in ecstasy.

Feeling the rhythm of unison in
reaching our climax.

We become whole, intertwined in our cocoon of love.

Oh yeah, I close my eyes and see our divine selves.

I imagine if man can get any closer
to heaven than this.

I lay my head on your soft bosom
and drift off to the eternal

– Delynx & DePhoenix




  1. desaha · January 5, 2015

    Love the Vaseline part….lol…nice read

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