Awakened Love

Here’s another special feature by Delynx and his boo DePhoenix

Gone are the days when i thought
love was for the weak.
And that those who love only avail
themselves to hurt.
That, i didn’t see as appealing.

What i wanted was to find love
which didn’t have to come with hurt.
For that, i feared to love because i
knew it will render me weak too…
But now that i’ve finally felt love
And with it all the goodies of life
I don’t regret in the least bit.

It took time, but i’ve come to realise
that even those in heaven still look
down into hell.

Now, more than ever, i’ll gracefully
stick out my neck in the name of
As i still keep my only promise as


I know that day will come when
you’ll also look up to me as see all
that i see in you now.
The great feeling, i have when I
close my eyes and i see you.

Your eyes, oh those eyes which feel
like a sea of happiness to me.
I could immerse myself in them
anytime and be reminded of
I didn’t understand much when
people talked about feeling contentment in love.
But for now, i’ve tasted the fruit.
And oh, how much i love its taste.

My own Sirius…
Thank you for guiding me down your eastern skies.
Your light has brightened my path
and now i see no obstacle.
My heart bleeds but only of your
No amount of drugs gives me the
high the mere thought of you brings me.



One comment

  1. desaha · January 18, 2015

    Insightful….great piece

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