New Slaves

Their white cloak was a veil of deception.

Their holy books just another tool for miseducation.

They destroyed our gods and became our Lords.

Their whips and shackles metamorphosed into the police institution and white collar jobs.

Back then we gave them our gold for wine and mirror,

But now we give them our soul for nothing but terror.

We are the new slaves

²The educated sheeples,

Taught to follow a narrow path.

Whilst the Lords parade on Broadway.

We are the new slaves

Chasing for servitude

Under the code name of employment.

We are the new slaves

Praying to an image

That screams a lie

We are the new slaves

Selling our soul for fool’s gold.

” Let there be no love poems written until love can exist freely and cleanly.

Let Black people understand
that they are the lovers and the sons of warriors
and sons of warriors Are poems & poets & all the loveliness here in the world.

We want a black poem. And a
Black World.
Let the world be a Black Poem
And Let All Black People Speak This
or LOUD ” –  Amiri Baraka, Black Art ( 1934-2014)




  1. desaha · February 26, 2015

    And now I’m a slave to ur writing…the truth is bitter…nice read

    • pimpkingstein · February 26, 2015

      Aww I’m flattered Dee… Thanks I appreciate it but you shouldn’t be a slave to my writing… U also a good writer

  2. robbne · June 30, 2015

    Reblogged this on Lumos Maxima.

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