Many men have turned poets because of love

But what is love?

Love  is simply

A kid in  with only one pencil breaking it in half for another

Love is a bird flying out with family  from Europe to Africa 

Love is  a familiar tune that keeps playing in your mind even after the song is done

Love is action, devotion and a lot of passion

A small boat sailing quietly on the ocean

Love is a riddle solved by only one – The one.

Don’t be fooled though love is not only sweet but sour

Love is the pain of childbirth

The tears of  Yaa Asantewaa

The whips of Christ

Love is also pain

It’s a sweet drug that can drive u insane

A teenage love that exists even though he doesn’t know her name

Don’t believe them when they say love is blind

Love is not blind, it’s the eyes of the heart

The eyes of God

The eyes that made God give up His only begotten son

Love is giving

Giving even when it’s your last

Love is everything

Love is you and me


Excerpt from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


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