Resilient Africa III

{ The Resilient Africa written by Kweku Ananse }

I am Africa!

What comes to your mind when you hear my name?

Wars, famine, corruption, poverty

and oh yeah a relegated black skinned ignorant race waiting to die!

You see that’s the beauty I have.

At least when you hear my name, that image in your head is what you have allowed into it.

Fortunately it makes you never forget me.

There is a trait about me you don’t know because you haven’t allowed yourself to learn.

If I told you I will rule the world one day before nature decides to shift us into another cosmic energy will you believe?

Humans have a way of learning from history that we don’t learn from history.

You see for yourself how I survived through history?

First am the most beautiful continent, don’t take that from me.

I have been enslaved before and for a long time.

Stay with me and let me show you the other side of me.

I am Africa! I am resilient! …

{ Resilient Africa written by Arnold Adrian }

Stabbed in the back by a false history

I wait earnestly for the day, they will tell my true story.

I am Africa

I am androgynous, proud and resilient.

The epitome of sabali- patient.

I welcomed the first aliens

The first  spaceships are hidden in my caves

If you don’t believe me, read more about the Sumerians & Dogons

And even though Cleopatra was stolen from me by the Romans

I still remain resilient

For I am Africa

Young and Strong

Blood and Bones

Rivers and stones

Yes I am Mother Nature,

Eve, the forbidden seed

The Virgin Mother of All

I am Adam

I am Manu

I am Brahma

I am Africa.

I am everything you see.

For Africa is not a person nor a place

Africa is not a continent nor a movement

Africa is you, me, us –  WE

The unseen thread that was woven in time by the Unseen hands.


The elixir of everything




  1. Mz elipkim · April 24, 2015

    Great piece …….pimp niee

  2. Bossnas · April 24, 2015

    I am proud to be an African

  3. Millicent · April 25, 2015


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