Xenophobic Fantasies

Social media has a beautiful way of making bad guys look good and good guys look bad. I guess that’s how the media works these days.


Lately all I see on blogs and other platforms is #SayNoToXenophobia . The masses finally agree on one thing yet lose sight of the bigger picture.

The backlash on South Africa is endless with varying degrees of hate being emitted towards the young country but really is xenophobia that bad? Are the images that are  circulating the normal scenes or just the gruesome extremes? The media has always been quick to dirt the image of Africa and Asian countries so what makes this any different (this is no news-you can read about it  BBC uses old war pic to incite anger).

Well I will play the Devils advocate and say #YesToXenophia for what did integration  benefit we the melaninated people? After so many years of fighting for our rights. Blacks are still relegated and looked over everywhere so I scream #YesToXenophia but towards a different group of foreigners.

#YesToXenophobia to the enslaver, the one who relegated the Zulu people and left them in slums  poverty stricken.

I say #YesToXenophobia to the true foreigners of our dear continent…. The silent thief. The people that stole our very identity and created a false culture.

I say #YesToXenophobia for if Christ had to lash out the traders from the temple then it’s time Africans woke up and saw that our temple has become a marketplace for the highest bidder.

I say #YesToXenophobia not aimed at another dark skin because of the pain we’ve all endured but rather at the ones that stole more than our resources…  Those that stole our very soul.




  1. Desaha · April 27, 2015

    A different twist but very insightful…nice piece

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