Heaven’s Stairway 🌌

Kweku Ananse

I climbed heaven’s stairway

And met a heathen

She had a dragon tattoo and dark wings

She asked ”  do you know the serpent? The bringer of truth and of light? “

Immediately I was put in fright

For the scriptures, told a tale different

How can a man escape his own shadow?

I wondered , what if Lucifer was God’s shadow?

What if Lucifer is same as the Christ?

For to walk in light , we all need his darkness

How can a Perfect God create a flawed man?

A tainted image of Himself?

By: A. A. Published by me.

Thank you for reading.

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In the beginning, when God created Ghana.

The land was formless & desolate

The raging ocean of ignorance that  covered everything was in total darkness,

And the spirit of God moved over the Volta

Then God said, ” let there be light”

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