Old Age

{ Old Age by Desaha Tobil }

One day,I will be old

I shall look back at my youth

I shall smile at those carefree days

I shall remember friends old and

And I shall wish I was a baby again

I shall remember all the lovely
things l liked

I shall dream of my favourite

I shall dream of hills, seas and

And all the lovely places I visited.

One day I will be old

I shall hold on to my walking stick

I shall look at children

Going to school

I shall look at the sky

And wonder why it remains the same

All my days

I shall remember the world

{ Old Age by Arnold Adrian }

One day I’ll sit in my lazy chair

Under the shade of a palm inhaling fresh air.

I shall reminisce of the distant past
And recall the dusty roads I walked pass.

I shall look at the sky and remember how everything around has changed

But the clouds still remain the same

One day, I’ll be old

Not old with age nor hair gone bald and grey

But old with wisdom and mental strength that I lacked during my youthful days

I will sit with my grandchildren and tell of stories of the past

I will remind them of Ancient Kermit

The wonders that we built

One day I’ll be old

But not old as in age, for age is just a number.

I’ll be old in my soul for maturity is not wilted leaves falling in September

But a young leaf with a past life filled with lessons to remember

One day I’ll be old.




  1. desaha · May 6, 2015

    I green eyed monster is awake…i love it. . muah

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