When I met God

{ When I met God by Kobimatic }

But I Saw God yesterday tho….

Ow yh I did ..

He gave me hope in my adversity. ..

Wealth in poverty. ..

He gave me love in times of hatred

He gave me strength in my weakness

He decorated my face with a smile

And crowned my heart with joy

He put stars in my sky that have shone on my path through day and night

He gave me a reason to put in my best and to impress

He gave me that soothing voice that calms the winds in times of storms and tells me…

Kay…. Everything will be fine
And I believe it

I saw God yesterday and He gave everything I needed and want in one beautifully designed package…

He gave me a mum.

I will be eternally grateful for this gift cos this amazing gift  keeps on giving

{ When I met God as written by Arnold Adrian }

I saw God last night

And she was a Woman

Her skin pale and her bosom shined like a Knight

From battle.

Saint Joan of Arc

The feminine divine

Your bravery was inspired by Archangel Michael himself

A super woman by all means.

² I saw God last night

And she was dark as night

Her locks weary from the battlefield
Yaa Asantewaa the Queen of the Goldfield

You carried a Kingdom on your back

And fought when hope & confidence was lacked

Yaa!  Yaa!!

May your name never be forgotten

And the seed of courage you sowed never be rotten.

³ I saw God last night

And she was a woman

A caged bird

Singing of freedom hoped for

Dreaming of riding on the calm wind

Maya Angelou.

May your words be the hymns we sing in heaven.

⁴ I saw God last night

And she prepared my favorite chicken soup

Said a prayer for me and wished me goodnight

Truth is I see God everyday

For God is not locked up in the heavens

He lives in the hearts of every mother.



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