In the beginning, when God created Ghana.

The land was formless & desolate

The raging ocean of ignorance thatĀ  covered everything was in total darkness,

And the spirit of God moved over the Volta

Then God said, ” let there be light”

And light appeared.

Decades passed and a new God appeared

A product of the soil

Yet he seemed not to remember our ancestors’ toil

For freedom and justice.

Consumed by consumerism

And a seemingly ‘ carefreeness ‘ – yente obiaa-rism.

He wasĀ  the most cunning creature that Ghanaian politics had made.

A most cunning creature

With an unassuming nature

He swore the oath of office

After death had stolen our mighty jewel from our coffers

Little did we know

That the plunder was yet to begin

The honey soon turned bile

And our conscious and subconscious became the subjects to their many bone-dried lies

With torments and pain without name constantly knocking on our door

The Ghana that we soo much wanted to appraise to our children’s children

Now has become a lybrinth of nothingness…nothingness painted with wild colours to look beautiful

In all these, God blesses our Homeland Ghana!




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