Carpe Diem

{ Carpe Diem by Kweku Atakora }

De brevitate vitae,
Memento mori
Make the best of today
For what tomorrow offers
No one knows not

Gaudeamus igitur
For now we’re alive
Someday we’ll be gone.
No one knows not.
Like the adage,
Gather your rosebuds while you
Nunc est bibendum.
Nunc pede libero pulsanda

Worry less,
Act first,
Shouldn’t be a fool’s errand.
Life, nature’s gift.
Carpe diem!

{ Carpe Diem by Arnold Adrian }

Life is a clock,
Seize every moment before it stops,
For a life well lived,
Is a gift well received.
Zego yibɔ me ye akatsa ɣi la do go tso.
{ The white porridge is made from the black pot – Ewe proverb }

Take a sip, Crash some seeds
Gulp down  jugs of ale, light a Roll
Do  whatever pleases your soul.
To better enjoy reality,
Float you must.
y3 num nsa na y33 fa adwen.
{ We deliberate as we drink – Akan saying }

Everything’s prey,
So live not for tomorrow nor yesterday.
Life is today.
Forever is now.
Bei ye keha nofeeno
{ There’s time for everything under the sun – Ga proverb }

And though our lives are just grains of sand in the galaxy.
We wake, we walk, we leap, we run, we fly
For we understand why the snail is never in a hurry.
Odomankoma bo owu ma owu kum no.
{ The Creator created death only for death to kill him – Akan proverb }



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