Atheos Mythos


In the beginning was star dust,

An atom that exploded forming the earth crust.

The explosion gave birth to light and sound,

The sun and moon,

Land and rivers.

Every element evolved as aeons passed.

²Then came the first God – Anu

The Great Water,

Spreading over all

Till Anu became Gaia.

The Great Mother Earth,

She birthed seeds, which evolved to plants and animals.

³Then came the third God –  El

The Great Host of the heavens,

He birthed the clouds.

Spreading over all,

Till El became Yhwh

A riddle we may never know.

³Yhwh incarnated as Mithra

Thus began the reign of the seven letter Gods

Mithra evolved into Serapis

The great serpent,

Keeper of knowledge and fire.

But as aeons passed, every element evolved.

⁴And with it came the first Krishna

The God Man,

His avatars kept poping up in history

From Egypt to America

Osiris to Martin Luther King Jr

God had become man

And man God

Thus is the faith we preach




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