The Tale Of The Sun & Moon


Once upon a timeless period, light years before many light years, there lived the Sun  bright and glorious.

He was the talk of the milky way for he was sooo hot, yet He didn’t have many friends for everyone feared him.

The Sun began to feel frustrated, worrying over everything including the nothings of being alone.

Solitude became his curse and he felt no one loved him but three planets away the Sun was worshiped for he brought life to the dead seeds and everything that was green.

Millions and millions of miles away, in the darkest parts of the milky way, lived a dying star called the pale one. She did her best to bring some light into the darkness that encircled her.

As fate would have it, a meteorite passed by bearing good news of a bright place. A place without darkness. A land which glowed eternally and a Sun that gave life to all that was dying.

So the Pale One gathered all her belongings and set off in search of the Sun. She travelled millions and millions of miles till she finally saw him in the distance.


When the moon saw the Sun, his radiance was too much to behold and she couldn’t get any closer for fear that she might explode but she didn’t lose hope. She journeyed till she was just three planets away from the Sun.

With her last breathe, she sung a song that was written deep within her soul.

The Pale Song

Lights years filled with many fears

I have died slowly dear

Hoping that you would finally hear

Everything that has made my soul tear.

I pray your bright aura

Bathes me dear

I pray your bright aura

Saves me dear.

The Sun heard the song  and was amazed by how much the pale one suffered so he called out to his father – the Universe, to save the pale one so he could marry her.

The Universe heard his call, for their love was true but a sacrifice had to be made and the Sun offered his life so that she could live, thus begun day and night. For the Sun loved the pale one so much that he died for her every night and she died for him to live again during the day.




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  2. Rachel AA · July 9, 2015

    awesome piece!

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