Burning Bridges

Burning bridges so I don’t have to go back .

Burning bridges so I don’t get to be followed 

I burn all bridges around me so now I’m an island.

Thoughts and ideas

Sorrows and sadness they all belong to me alone. 

Burn bridges all around me and all am left is the soot on my hands and eyes stinging from smoke 

Hot tears I never summon fall freely

Because I burned bridges

Because I chose to love myself

Because I realised my worth.

Heckma Lamine

Kindred Spirits and twin flames 

I stare at my reflection across these flames 

she stares blank, trying to recall my name. 

Burnt bridges and forgotten wishes, 

A spell cast over broken dishes ,

The remnants of our love ,

The broken hearts and sore backs. 

So I travel back to our last fight,

Her violent cursing left me sordid that night.

I tossed and turned till morning light

With four words ringing in my head, 

” Love is not enough ”

  Arnold Adrian


One comment

  1. Agape · January 15, 2017

    Nice piece

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