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” My breathe is my strength.

My strength is my best.

My best lies in my strength

But Sampson’s strength was his weakness

and David’s strength was his meekness.

So whats your strength?? “

– Arnold Adrian Sarpong {16th January 2010}

The first poem i ever wrote was when i was in the secondary school and wanted to woo this girl i had been crushing on. It was just five lines filled with senseless rhymes but i still loved it because it carried a piece of me. A piece of me that hadn’t been tapped yet.

With childhood innocence and curiosity i tapped into that unexplored part of me. I began to read more and appreciate the poetic nature of God and life.

My posts are inspired by God and my everyday experiences. I don’t have any particular style of writing i just tap into my inner self and go with the flow. One of my favorite poems is the mesh by Kwesi Brew

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  1. Bernyce · November 8, 2012

    Arnold, u r my fav poet 🙂

  2. pinky · November 12, 2012

    can we see your first poem?

    • pimpkingstein · November 14, 2012

      Oh cool… Will put it up soon, am still looking for the book I wrote it in. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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